Bad Words: Can You Spell Painfully Unfunny?

Bad Words: Can You Spell Painfully Unfunny?


It was a good try though.

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Plot:  Guy Trilby (Jason Bateman) is a pottymouth who never passed the eighth grade. After finding a loophole in the rules for the Ohio regional spelling bee competition, Guy competes against kids more than half his age for a chance to win the national spelling bee, The Golden Quill. Much to the dismay of the overbearing spelling bee parents, Golden Quill director Dr. Deagan (Allison Janney), and Golden Quill founder Dr. Bowman (Philip Baker Hall), Guy manages to sleaze his way through the competition into the final round. 

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Funny People 2009


Scene-from-Funny-People-2-001I will begin by stating that Judd Apatow is a very good director. His previous movies, Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin are one of the best comedy films he directed and they are the top favourite movies of everybody.

Now, with this another comedy film of Judd Apatow, I must say that I am not that prepared to what I’m going to witness. Apatow is very popular with his adult comedies, sweetness and it happens that this movie, Funny People is a big different with his other films. This film can be considered as a funny drama film. I didn’t laugh out loud to the ma the same with his two previous films, but still what I gained from this movie is a learning regarding something!

The movie stars Adam Sandler, Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman, Jonah Hill, Leslie Mann and Seth Rogan. Adam Sandler played as the comedy George Simmons whom he performs perfectly for he is actually playing of himself. He gives the performance as if he is in his actual life. He portrayed confused and so cold, while hurt and angry at the same time. He played his role properly and showed to us that there is still not that much to like about. His part is the best in the film.

The supporting artists as usual are also great! Seth Rogan plays a different identity in this film as Ira, whom acted as the great frustration of George Simmons. Jason Schwartzman and Jonah Hill gives a lot of comedy back-ups containing the very funny imaginary sitcom the “Yo, teach”. Actually, the real fun time of the film in on the part of those supporting artists and cameos, Eric Bana is so hilarious and Leslie Mann presented a very well performance ever.

images (3)Funny People’s only true trouble is their goal. It is a two and a half comedy film, and though some would still want a three hour comedy movie, but it has to end when it needed too. One of the best parts of the film is the romance between Daisy and Ira, they are so funny and sweet in each part of the film that they are watched, but then, it has been cut out short and obviously rushed.

But still, it is a true film. The success of every film is not depending on the quantity of the laugh it gains but rather on the satisfaction it gives to the viewers, though they don’t laugh that much. There’s a lot of fun in ‘Funny People’ than a brief abstract it contain, it contains a huge deal of self-exploration and soul-searching, as well as virtuous gags and celebrity cameos.

Delivery Man (2013)



I haven’t watched the original movie and not a fan of Vince Vaughn. But having these two facts made me appreciate the movie. Telling from a view of a person that have not seen the original version, it was a good film and a touching comedy.

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Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I’m pleasantly surprised.

Is there some kind of unspoken or spoken rule that people have to hate Vince Vaughn? I’ve heard the argument so many times before. Something about Vaughn playing the same role over and over again, and it’s getting old. First of all, I can see that sometimes, but not always, and I have nothing wrong with his style of comedy. He’s a funny guy who has the proven ability to be serious when he needs to be. That being said, Delivery Man hasn’t gotten the best reviews: partially because of people’s anti-bias against the actor, partially because people are so dense with their love for the original film that they immediately start comparing. I’m actually glad this is the only variation of the story I’ve seen, because I thought it was wonderful. I’m pleasantly surprised, but I really, really enjoyed this flick.

Delivery Man

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The Campaign


The Campaign tenders a lot of comical time in the mood of humor that an individual has come to anticipate from its inventors. Will Ferrell is enjoyable as always with his presidential tone of voice and offensive lips joke. Zach Galifianakis also offered quite a personality, usually do better than his co-stars with his extremely strange strangeness. But beneath the coating of chuckle is a somewhat an unremarkable tale. It is certainly a huge basis for the two comic Goliaths to fight, but the scheme neither advance our attention in its guide nor their dilemma. Most of the period, its sense as if we drop no matter who gain victory. Maybe it is sarcastically genuine satire of true politics is the comic part of all.

the campaignThe congressman of North Carolina Cam Brady played by Will Ferrell has gone down into a relaxed custom of fake assurance and common carelessness in his responsibilities as the longtime unimpeded representative. But right after an obscene telephone call to the mistaken person identifies Brady’s consent ranking severely down, company bigwigs Glenn played by John Lithgow and Wade Motch played by Dan Aykroyd, settle on replacing him with somebody they can simply manage for their personal deceitful methods. Their applicant is gentle mannered Marty Huggins played by Zach Galifianakis, a tourism aficionado with immature thoughts of improving his homeland. When Huggins proclaims his application, and the astonished Brady rapidly launches him to the ominous world of government, the arena is set for abundant spread campaigns, designation ruining and shameful plotting to wipe out each other’s character. But as the arguments are slowly getting unclean and the back attack becomes more barbaric, both applicants start to ask how far they’ll go to aim the victory, and what they are willing to lose as well.

the cThe Campaign has an entertaining principle. It observes the universal crookedness, bribery, and underhanded huge businesses manipulate after politics, utilizing a violently ironic point of view united with rough speech and frantic optical gags. “When you have the money, nothing is impulsive,” asserts Glenn Motch, describing his well off persuasions over risky supporters. An underdog applicant is pulled up from the unexceptional to a subjective excessive alliteration, itself an amazing feat, for the sake of shaping a dummy for oppressive monument. And he is to battle an extended unrestricted, expert official, who has developed too familiar to the poles without having to place an effort toward aims or even chief liabilities. The two face off in violent insult, unpleasant baby punching, marketing schemes, backbiting. And the fighting gets progressively a lot sarcastic as election day emerges. But that’s it – the unit is the story, and there’s nothing more significant further than that.

As any political experts will tell you, the assault ads and toxic oratory that we all declare to halt work marvelously well and are important gear of success. If pessimism is the main power in American political life, dread is even a huge one.

Ted (2012)


ted09How frequent we are seeing previews for comic without a particular hilarious clip on it? The only asset they have is making certain you never really go perceive the concluding result when it goes out. But still, there are those deceiving and annoying movies where the preview does draw hilarity, only for you to go down to the complete characteristics and then finds out that you’ve previously spotted all the fine stuff.

The preview that has been banned in the United States was an equal fraction insensitive and dumb, but also attributes one of the wittiest bite of conversation we had noticed all the time. With regards to the formula, then, Ted appears to be the strange disaster of 2012, but still thanks to the formula for it is not that perfect.

Ted is not really just a hilarious movie, it’s side is torn but still handles to preserve that level all throughout. Afar from the writing, which is superb, so much of its achievement obliged to the extraordinary CGI of the leading artist Ted, a stuffed teddy bear amazingly brings to life by a little boy’s Christmas desire. Having viewers not been able to totally recognize Ted’s reality alongside his human co-stars then this film would have stopped even from the beginning, but still, thanks to the strange pains of his animators, the stinking-lips bear that has been voiced by MacFarlane is as authentic as he is funny and take almost each scenario he is in.

ted 2Mark Wahlberg plays Ted’s holder-come-best friend John, and once again shows an appealing if also an astonishing comic actor. His familiarity has just awakened, but still not yet quite figured it out where I am or what is happening and the manifestation works completely as the undeveloped stoner in his 30s required to decide between his feathery wild teddy and the passion of his life, Lori as Mila Kunis. Joel McHale performed an enormous supporting act as Kunis’s sleazy chief, while Giovanni Ribisi cameos wonderfully as the ‘villain’ hopeful to acquire Ted for his own son. The major danger, however, is merely John’s unwillingness to be a part with all ‘childish things’ and completely hold adulthood.

Fans of Family Guy will distinguish some other recognizable voices and faces in supporting act, along with MacFarlane’s name political error and stable pop-culture recommendation, containing a habitual jab in the 1980 shocker Flash Gordon. The script seldom dips a few too far just about the merely offensive, however, it’s definitely balance by the regular laughter and, astonishingly, some instance of real tenderness.

That Awkward Moment (2014) Review



The three leading actors seems to enjoy working with this movie. There are funny scenes and give few laughs. A promising comedy film but should have been better.

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“That awkward moment where you realize that you have seen this movie before”.

FEATURING: Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis, Jessica Lucas, Addison Timlin, Emily Meade, Josh Pais & Josh Rothman



The stream of mediocrity in 2014 continues with That Awkward Moment, which falls heavily into the vacuous, predictable, romantic comedy category.  As soon as you are introduced to the full cast of characters, you will automatically know where this one is headed.  Actually, a simple viewing of the trailer will reveal anything you need to know.  Is the journey fun at least?

It is not very funny, and that the only fun that can be had, is brought by the efficient acting chops of both Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan.  Featuring countless by-the-numbers toilet and penis gags,  the majority of the younger audience in the crowd could…

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The Dictator 2012


i-download (1)Sacha Baron Cohen is at it once more. This moment, he is a hallucinating dictator from an imaginary state. There’s absolutely a lot of Colonel Ghaddafi in this character. He travels to New York to speak to the UN congregation, but things went wrong and he evades his personality. Anna Faris played as the hippie store holder who gives Aladeen a work, but he has problems fitting in.

Fortunately, we still own high quality comedies like this. Sacha Baron Cohen, who did the marvelous Bruno, Borat and Ali G, is one of the those people who can still be totally original and unforeseen, and in fact have the nerve to go past the satisfactory. This moment in time, he formed one more illustrious character, The so called dictator from middle-eastern Wadiya, Admiral-General Aladeen.

There is a lot of misfortune, he encounters once in New York, after being restored by a mirror image in a scheme to defeat him and set up a social equality in the state he adore to dominate, and these are precisely what comedians nowadays must try to do. Although, not finished in an identical actual way as ‘Borat’/’Bruno’  for example, ‘The Dictator’ is acted, the powerful political inappropriateness Cohen is recognized for it is present here.

There are a lot of cultural and stereotype tricks, which may displease quite a minority of people, but then, such individual must identify as of today to stay behind Cohen’s work. It is also a political comic, there are a lot of jokes regarding his autocracy and dictators’ normal crimes, together with the USA‘s matches with it, it is precise in Aladeen’s talk near the ending part. There is also an assault on the liberal protester side, done through Aladeen’s connection with a feminist tomboy, whom is played very fine by Anna Faris and how identical she might be with him in some means.

the-dictator-winsAside from Sacha Baron Cohen‘s inborn intelligence, he is also well sustaining by Anna Faris, one of the best comics at this time,  Ben Kingsley, who combines little to the comic part, but much to the drama one and Sayed Badreya, whom I have never heard before, but was surely awesome.

This kind of simple comic is how comedies must be played at the moment. Not embracing back in dread of the criticism, a non-diplomatic a cute movie would be productive, and I really does, Sacha Baron Cohen’s numerous prohibitions and lawsuits are an evidence of it, but in fact providing his greatest and best as always. The individual who gets offended easily must be taught to keep away from it, although it will become their failure.