22 Jump Street


22-jump-streetThe second movie of 22 Jumps Street is still hilarious as the first one except this one got more style, more babes, more cars, more beers and more guns. Schmidt (played by Jonah Hill) a nerd looking loser guy team up with Jenko (played by Channing Tatum) a cool hunk looking guy makes a great comical chemistry. It’s like a mixture of brain and brawn, less brain off course, but it did the trick of making this movie one of the funniest movie of the year. I did watch the first movie (21 Jump Street in 2012) and it did make me laugh, I didn’t expect that they will out do the first movie. Maybe some didn’t enjoy this one because they expect it will be different than the first one. Of course, most movies will be related to the first one, if they didn’t enjoy this maybe they didn’t watch the first one. A few laughs to take out stress is good enough to have a nice day they like they say.

22 Jumps Street started after a year or months after bringing down a synthetic drug ring. Returning to the case the comical duo again meets up with Captain Dickson (played by Ice Cube), a grouchy strict chief, but 21 Jump Street was bought by Korean so they move next door to 22 Jump Street. In addition to that, 22 Jump Street has now fully equipped high standard head quarter. Taking the same case, but different location (College University) they must find the source of the spreading drugs. Like the First one they started with 22-jump-street-official-red-band-trailer-hd-1089586-TwoByOneno clue, no evidence and no suspect. Clueless, they seek help with someone has knowledge about how drug circulate or spread. That when Walters (played by Rob Riggle) the drug dealer in 21 Jump Street comes in. Having some knowledge they do what they do best, doing crazy stuff, mingling with others and luckily finding out the source of the drug.

Like the first one it will give you hilarious scenes and laughs, from partner problem to case solving part. It’s funny how the chemistry works a nerd loser looking cop turn popular and a cool hunk cop turning loser going undercover. What can I say, it’s a good movie. It’s worth watching, delivering some original laughs and scene. Going to rate it 7.5/10 for my laugh-o-meter. Spring break does make a lot of booze and babes. Watch it to be jealous, wishing you were there.


10 Most Expected Comedy Films of 2014


Comedy film is always one of those love and watch movies in cinemas. Viewers are always anticipating every year to view a new set of films, very eager to witness what new films may bring them this year. Now, here are the top anticipated comedy films for 2014.

Bad Words 20141) Bad Words

Much of Jason Bateman’s occupation resurrection has been focus on his effectiveness to perform a comic role. His performances in comedy films only show that movies without his occurrence is not quite fine, and usually when the actor leads to acquiring the less colourful positions in any given venture, having his presence will be thoughtless. But Bad Words appear to poised and put Bateman in the other area, and his choice to control the quality present his assurance of the film. This assurance is worth a look simply to view the actor as the comic driving power, and how he charges behind the camera is really an icing on a cake.

grand budaphest hotel2) The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson owns one of those sole voices in the cinematic scenery, with an unmistakable way and a capability to talk serious matter in a soft hearted ways. The Grand Budapest Hotel is exceptionally interesting because of its cast, a number of who is performing with him for the first time. How casts like Bill Murray, Jude Law, Ralph Fiennes, Saoirse Ronan and Owen Wilson will fit into Anderson’s visual, will make this film a lot promising.

Hits 20143) Hits

Comedian David Cross has confirmed his capability to write comedy material a lot of times. Creating his quality film directorial debut, Cross’ inspired participation makes this worth viewing on its own, but it’s not the only optimistic part of the film, as the cast includes David Koechner, Erinn Hayes, Matt Walsh, Michael Cera and Wyatt Cenac.

the interview 20144) The Interview

Writing pair Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen have shown their capability to record funny yet sincere movies before, and with previous years, they demonstrate their straight chops too. But, what sets The Interview apart from all the earlier pains of the pair is the occurrence of a tough female comic in the personality of Lizzy Caplan. In spite of the group’s male-centric comics, rotates by casting like Emma Watson and Emma Stone have been comical, and it will be coming to perceive how somebody like Caplan, as well as Veep’s Timothy Simons, shivers the existing dynamic.

Magic_in_the_Moonlight_poster5) Magic in the Moonlight

Comedy films will not be complete without mentioning Woody Allen, who has keep a movie-a-year output for a decade, and demonstrate no signs of slowing down, regardless of being a key pressure on a generation of humorists. Not only does Allen’s participation make the film sounds appealing. To add on, a cast that comprises Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Jackie Weaver, Hamish Linklater, and Marcia Gay Harden.

a million ways6) A Million Ways to Die in the West

The Western comedic type had very few crossovers and the most distinguished of all is Mel Brooks’, the typical Blazing Saddles. One more access in this part would it be worth reminding, but it’s the existence of Seth McFarlane that tally one more layer to this trait. McFarlane has verified to be adept at parodies in his television shows, and with his traits directorial debut being a big hit. The cast includes Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, Neil Patrick Harris, and Sarah Silverman makes the film a lot more intriguing.

mufet7) Muppets Most Wanted

The sequel may be soggy by the disappearance of Jason Segel, the driving force of the initial film, but the human cast this time is a lot more impressive. Comedy film icons like Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey play a role. The lead cast are Danny Trejo, Tom Hiddleston, Ty Burrell, Zach Galifianakis, Christoph Waltz, and Ray Liotta which would make the movie a thrilling prospect even with no Muppets. With Stoller and Bobin both coming back, it’s an assurance that it is worth watching.

search party 20148) Search Party

In the Search Party the casts are the prominent Alison Brie, Krysten Ritter, Adam Pally and Shannon Woodward. With diverse comic styles, it will be fascinating to witness to see how the 4 work jointly, and it is their chance now. The possibility of viewing how these stars play off with each other makes this film to look forward to.

tammy 20149) Tammy

Melissa McCarthy’s turns to comic acts in the movie Bridesmaids. But, there is one thing about McCarthy hasn’t had in her films to date is inspired input. That is situated to alter with Tammy, the draft for which McCarthy marked with husband and director Ben Falcone. McCarthy co-star is Susan Sarandon. Both McCarthy and Sarandon have important range that is worth waiting to watch for.

vampire academy 2014 10) Vampire Academy

Two of the top dominant high school films of the past 25 years had been Mean Girls and Heathers, both of which have gathered praises from public and critics. A team-up between individual behind mutual movies thus swear to be a mesmerizing film, and this is what Vampire Academy gives, as director Mark Waters controls this mark, from the writer Daniel Waters and the script by Heathers. The paranormal element of this specific movie only adds to the curiosity, for regardless of the pop-culture blast of vampires in current years, there haven’t been a lot of efforts at removing them for comedy. The premise and talent gives this movie the possible talent to be a comedy surprise.

What Happens in Vegas 2008


pvWUBsAQDhFa0aKH0fp2bokEyx3I can tell that the viewers have the right to junk this film, but they’re really missing something important that would lift the spectators marking a good aim above the detractor, if they did not pass to note a thing that is the real cause why a lot of us go out to witness it. ‘What Happens in Vegas‘ has not only the accessories of an expensive and huge Hollywood romance-comedy film, the nice set and bright colours, with 2 massive alluring stars, and they are not embarrassed by being here, because they do appear very nice, and differences or not, they appear good with being together too.

The writing is awful. The jokes and setups are corny and lame and at times tasteless and stupid. The curve is inevitable. The sequence isn’t exceptionally logical and interesting. The person scenarios therefore aren’t ever inclined to be very comic and the dialogues will never consider a bombshell too. But that requirement of high tone comedy can be an add-on if you find Cameron cool and amazing and Ashton as appealing and gorgeous. The lacking of a high laugh intensity such as the Apatow humour seldom reach means they take to react more like persons, they can record usual language instead of simple comic assault and you get to take a look at them, which is a durable and good reason for viewing this film. And both are getting mature better. Ashton is becoming handsome and big. The handsome-boy class is diminishing into somewhat more like an aged Hollywood chief man look. Cameron is elegant and sexy and looks awesome in a fit gown. Ashton has what-happens-in-vegasbeen educated since the staccato boundaries of “That Seventies Show.” He really records 6-7 distinctive and noticeably human language now. He added meanness and sarcasm. He can be a people-pleaser for life, but he doesn’t struggle as hard as he should do, nor does the fine mature boy character cover a specific rank of intelligence.

It is inadequate that majority of the Vegas night has ended in a rapid-fire mosaic that’s more like a sour trip than a night of hard drinks, that no sexy event happens, that the wedding is condensed to an ultimate outtake series. The ending is weepy sentimental but still sweet. The reviewer revulsion left inexplicable to me since ‘What Happens in Vegas’ left a fine taste, if not a very tough one. I was a bit worried by the little Asian woman, being created so stereotypically the unattractive misery strivers. That appears mean than being a comic. Queen Latifah is smooth continuously, but wasted like the marriage counsellor. Director Tom Vaughan ought to have credit, but it is writer Dana Fox who should be blame for the unevenness of the product. Diaz and Kutcher and the rest of the cast did a very good task. But an effort to think and plan the plot seems pointless. Its failings are too clear and visible.


Bad Words: Can You Spell Painfully Unfunny?

Bad Words: Can You Spell Painfully Unfunny?


It was a good try though.

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Plot:  Guy Trilby (Jason Bateman) is a pottymouth who never passed the eighth grade. After finding a loophole in the rules for the Ohio regional spelling bee competition, Guy competes against kids more than half his age for a chance to win the national spelling bee, The Golden Quill. Much to the dismay of the overbearing spelling bee parents, Golden Quill director Dr. Deagan (Allison Janney), and Golden Quill founder Dr. Bowman (Philip Baker Hall), Guy manages to sleaze his way through the competition into the final round. 

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Funny People 2009


Scene-from-Funny-People-2-001I will begin by stating that Judd Apatow is a very good director. His previous movies, Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin are one of the best comedy films he directed and they are the top favourite movies of everybody.

Now, with this another comedy film of Judd Apatow, I must say that I am not that prepared to what I’m going to witness. Apatow is very popular with his adult comedies, sweetness and it happens that this movie, Funny People is a big different with his other films. This film can be considered as a funny drama film. I didn’t laugh out loud to the ma the same with his two previous films, but still what I gained from this movie is a learning regarding something!

The movie stars Adam Sandler, Eric Bana, Jason Schwartzman, Jonah Hill, Leslie Mann and Seth Rogan. Adam Sandler played as the comedy George Simmons whom he performs perfectly for he is actually playing of himself. He gives the performance as if he is in his actual life. He portrayed confused and so cold, while hurt and angry at the same time. He played his role properly and showed to us that there is still not that much to like about. His part is the best in the film.

The supporting artists as usual are also great! Seth Rogan plays a different identity in this film as Ira, whom acted as the great frustration of George Simmons. Jason Schwartzman and Jonah Hill gives a lot of comedy back-ups containing the very funny imaginary sitcom the “Yo, teach”. Actually, the real fun time of the film in on the part of those supporting artists and cameos, Eric Bana is so hilarious and Leslie Mann presented a very well performance ever.

images (3)Funny People’s only true trouble is their goal. It is a two and a half comedy film, and though some would still want a three hour comedy movie, but it has to end when it needed too. One of the best parts of the film is the romance between Daisy and Ira, they are so funny and sweet in each part of the film that they are watched, but then, it has been cut out short and obviously rushed.

But still, it is a true film. The success of every film is not depending on the quantity of the laugh it gains but rather on the satisfaction it gives to the viewers, though they don’t laugh that much. There’s a lot of fun in ‘Funny People’ than a brief abstract it contain, it contains a huge deal of self-exploration and soul-searching, as well as virtuous gags and celebrity cameos.

Delivery Man (2013)



I haven’t watched the original movie and not a fan of Vince Vaughn. But having these two facts made me appreciate the movie. Telling from a view of a person that have not seen the original version, it was a good film and a touching comedy.

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Dave’s 3-Word Review:
I’m pleasantly surprised.

Is there some kind of unspoken or spoken rule that people have to hate Vince Vaughn? I’ve heard the argument so many times before. Something about Vaughn playing the same role over and over again, and it’s getting old. First of all, I can see that sometimes, but not always, and I have nothing wrong with his style of comedy. He’s a funny guy who has the proven ability to be serious when he needs to be. That being said, Delivery Man hasn’t gotten the best reviews: partially because of people’s anti-bias against the actor, partially because people are so dense with their love for the original film that they immediately start comparing. I’m actually glad this is the only variation of the story I’ve seen, because I thought it was wonderful. I’m pleasantly surprised, but I really, really enjoyed this flick.

Delivery Man

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The Campaign


The Campaign tenders a lot of comical time in the mood of humor that an individual has come to anticipate from its inventors. Will Ferrell is enjoyable as always with his presidential tone of voice and offensive lips joke. Zach Galifianakis also offered quite a personality, usually do better than his co-stars with his extremely strange strangeness. But beneath the coating of chuckle is a somewhat an unremarkable tale. It is certainly a huge basis for the two comic Goliaths to fight, but the scheme neither advance our attention in its guide nor their dilemma. Most of the period, its sense as if we drop no matter who gain victory. Maybe it is sarcastically genuine satire of true politics is the comic part of all.

the campaignThe congressman of North Carolina Cam Brady played by Will Ferrell has gone down into a relaxed custom of fake assurance and common carelessness in his responsibilities as the longtime unimpeded representative. But right after an obscene telephone call to the mistaken person identifies Brady’s consent ranking severely down, company bigwigs Glenn played by John Lithgow and Wade Motch played by Dan Aykroyd, settle on replacing him with somebody they can simply manage for their personal deceitful methods. Their applicant is gentle mannered Marty Huggins played by Zach Galifianakis, a tourism aficionado with immature thoughts of improving his homeland. When Huggins proclaims his application, and the astonished Brady rapidly launches him to the ominous world of government, the arena is set for abundant spread campaigns, designation ruining and shameful plotting to wipe out each other’s character. But as the arguments are slowly getting unclean and the back attack becomes more barbaric, both applicants start to ask how far they’ll go to aim the victory, and what they are willing to lose as well.

the cThe Campaign has an entertaining principle. It observes the universal crookedness, bribery, and underhanded huge businesses manipulate after politics, utilizing a violently ironic point of view united with rough speech and frantic optical gags. “When you have the money, nothing is impulsive,” asserts Glenn Motch, describing his well off persuasions over risky supporters. An underdog applicant is pulled up from the unexceptional to a subjective excessive alliteration, itself an amazing feat, for the sake of shaping a dummy for oppressive monument. And he is to battle an extended unrestricted, expert official, who has developed too familiar to the poles without having to place an effort toward aims or even chief liabilities. The two face off in violent insult, unpleasant baby punching, marketing schemes, backbiting. And the fighting gets progressively a lot sarcastic as election day emerges. But that’s it – the unit is the story, and there’s nothing more significant further than that.

As any political experts will tell you, the assault ads and toxic oratory that we all declare to halt work marvelously well and are important gear of success. If pessimism is the main power in American political life, dread is even a huge one.